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Your healthy high protein diet - farm fresh eggs are produced at state-of-the-art farm that is away from urban areas, polluted air and water. We truly give you freshness that you can savor, and this is not just our promise but a way of life at Al Zain Farms.


Environmentally controlled latest technology layer farms enable production of high quality eggs adhering to international standards, delivering fresh eggs every morning to your favorite store.

Al Zain is one of the leading poultry farms in Oman, producing eggs in both white as well as brown shells. The farm has dedicated and highly qualified professionals to look after all the aspects of egg production starting from preparing houses, 100% quality feed and disease free chicks: taking care of hens’ nutrition and health, quality control, logistics, etc. This ensures our consumers get fresh quality healthy product & value for money.

We have committed ourselves to robust investments in infrastructure facilities and employing competent personnel. All the personnel working in the premises are periodically trained with basic food hygiene practices that encompass both personal hygiene and food safety.

That’s not all; each egg at the Al Zain Farm is subjected to rigorous quality checks from automatic candling, automatic shell crack detection system, blood detection and UV treatment for shells. At every stage the system is monitored and regulated. Feed for the hens are produced within the farm, which ensures freshness, better control mechanisms, and the desired high quality feed.

Over and above, stringent bio-security measures are adopted at the farm. Every vehicle entering the farm undergoes a mandatory spray of disinfectant and wheel dip at the entrance. Prohibiting visitors to enter farm, high quality protective gear for farm employees and daily clearance of  waste further ensures cleanliness and high levels of bio-security in the farm. 

Furthermore, the organization has identified processes where critical controls are exercised and has also developed a mature system for Food Safety Management. This ensures our products undergo a meticulous quality attestation process, enabling the consumers to trust the name  “Al Zain”, as we deliver our promise: Go fresh. Go healthy – just the way you’d like it.

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