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Vegetarian Organic Feed

Al Zain Farms owns the most advanced Feed Mill from AWILA, Germany. It produces 100% vegetarian, highly nutritious and balance feed from best quality corn, soy bean meal, vitamins and minerals. Al Zain feed is free from any antibiotics. The custom diet of our poultry feed addresses the specific needs of our particular breed in order to ensure optimum health, growth and overall quality.

State-of-the-art equipment and technology

Al Zain Farms has installed the most-advanced, fully-automated plants and machinery from leading European manufacturers - Broiler houses from VALLI SPA - Italy, Processing Plant from LINCO - Denmark, Hatchery from Petersime - Belgium , Refrigeration plant from GEA - Germany and Water Treatment Plant from Aqua - Netherlands. The entire process is fully automated, closed-loop system. All the chickens are placed in an environmentally controlled atmosphere in the cages under the strict supervision of technical experts. 


Leak-Proof packing in absorbent foam tray

  • Fresh Chicken are packed in foam tray with CRYOVAC SES  Film which is extra thin and yet remarkably strong for perfect pack distribution to retail and consumers 

  • Leak-proof packing secures hermetic seals. This means cleaner shelves for retailers

  • Increased freshness and shelf-life of the product 

  • CRYOVAC SES excellent protection against dehydration and stops air, moisture and dust from entering in to packing which prolong the shelf life between 3-5 times longer than by refrigeration alone

Air-chilled fresh products

Al Zain fresh chickens are Air-Chilled,  means no added moisture, stronger flavor and less chances for cross contamination.  Air-chilled chicken also tastes better. The natural juices are not diluted, so the meat is more tender and flavorful. 

Being air-chilled, the chicken cooks faster than conventional water-chilled chicken.  It also, does not absorb excess water whereas in case of water-chilled chicken, customer are actually paying around 8% extra cost for increased body weight due to water. Perhaps one of the biggest advantage in flavor of air-chilled chicken is the fact that customer can achieve ‘Crispy Skin’ and photo-perfect roasted chicken with glorious crusty skin which is almost impossible to achieve in case of water-chilled chicken.   

Real halal hand slaughtered as per islamic rites

Al Zain Chickens are hand slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic Sharia Rituals

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